While perusing my newsfeed this morning I came upon a charming article entitled “A 7 step Morning Ritual to create a balanced and Healthy Life”. I’ve always been enthralled with the concept of rituals though I doubt I have any. I think the actions I take daily are more about habit than anything else so I read the article thinking that maybe I could incorporate a few “rituals” into my morning habits.

The first ritual was a 3 minute stretch followed by 3 minutes of hydration and I was OK, not that I would undertake these “rituals” but I thought that maybe they were on to something and then it came to drinking an “Immune boosting elixir”. The only elixir I’m familiar with is Pirelli’s Miracle Elixir and that really didn’t do Mr. Pirelli any good so the entire article sort lost me at that point.

However it did get me to thinking; maybe my actions weren’t habits maybe they were, in fact rituals so I decided to list them:

Awaken by slamming doors -1 second. I’m not sure what it is about Irish Americans but we sure do love to slam a door.

Pain Assessment 3+ minutes-basically trying to figure out what is hurting and if it is cause for alarm.

T-Rex walk to bathroom 30 seconds unless it took longer to discover what was paining me then 10 seconds and T-rex runs.

Stumble around living room cleaning up the detritus my children have left overnight including but not limited to paper plates, utensils, carving knives, used paper towels, wet bathmats 20+ minutes

Brew a restorative mug of coffee 20+ minutes. Yes 20 minutes to find a mug, wash the mug then try to remember where I put the coffee, then recall I put it back where it belongs but someone moved it because…well just because.

Pick out an outfit to wear to class  by picking up clothes strewn upon the floor. 1-5 minutes depending on the day of the week.

I’ve decided that whether you call them rituals or habits neither is going to give me a balance life.


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