You know that moment when you think you know a person and then they say or do something and you realize that you didn’t know them at all? I hate that moment, I really do. It’s rarely a good thing, it’s rare that you realize that someone is even better than you thought them to be. It’s almost always something awful. Hey, I know people are not perfect, I sure know that I’m not perfect and I hope to god no one thinks I am. I think I am “balls out” with my flaws. I’m very much, “this is me, this is who I am”. It’s not that I’m super confident that people will like me the way I am nor is it that I don’t care if people like me or not because I do like to be liked. It’s because being open an honest is easier than trying to hide. It’s like lying, I’d rather tell the truth because I never have to remember the lie.  I am who I am all the time because well, I’m too lazy to do otherwise. However there are so many people who hide their truths; they hide their racism, they hide their meanness, they hide their self-centeredness, they hide their disloyalty or rather try to hide it because like with every disease it eventually presents itself.  It would be nice if people’s awful character traits we easily identifiable like a tattoo on your forehead that said “Bigot” or maybe a QR code embedded on your arm. Of course there is the option of just being who your are and then allow people to like you that way or run away from you because you’re just not a good person. Yeah, that moment you discover that someone you care about isn’t who they’ve been saying they were sucks donkey doo-doo.


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