Crap. I missed a day. Maybe two.

Lately I’ve been thinking back to a time when my life was less stressful, hell, to a time when I had no stress at all. You might think that was pre-children and though my life was stress free then it was also stress free for a good portion of my children’s lives. Sure when they were infants I felt as if I was going to fall asleep on my feet but I never recall the soul crushing, chest tightening feeling of the stress that seems to visit me every day.

99% of that stress come from people touching my things. This is an hourly occurrence that I just can’t seem to put an end to. Sometimes it’s relatively harmless say when my eye glasses have been moved to a “safe” spot and the stress is just from me being a slight control freak. Other times the stress comes from  makeup brushes being used for poster painting when I’ve got 10 minutes to get ready for a party or someone wearing my clothes because their’s are not clean or people just doing weird stuff like making scotch-tape grids on my carpet while I’m asleep or using my tweezers to perform surgery on a remote control.

I suppose in part I am to blame for the weird shit. I’ve always cultivated my kids creativity AND independence and now that they’re well into their teens that means messes and predicaments like you wouldn’t believe. Most causing my blood pressure to rise to a level that I can actually feel my head expanding like a cartoon version of a thermometer on a summer day.

I bet you’re thinking that I’m going to say “But I wouldn’t change a thing!” but you’re dead wrong. OH to be able to go back in time and #1 install one of those huge walk in safes so I can put ALL my stuff safely inside #2 invest in locks lots of locks


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