I’m having a bad day.
I’m sure from the outside it looks like today is “full of win” for me; I accomplished my burpee goal, my classes were successful…I have my health…yada yada yada.
In truth today was filled with doubt, sorrow, loneliness and fear.
Sure, I made a kick ass pot roast but I ate it alone, while wearing an old bathrobe and fuzzy slippers.
Today’s the type of day were I’m a few felines short of being a crazy cat women.
I even took a big leap and registered myself on a dating website but when I did a search for a match there was not one NOT ONE match they could fine for me.
True. Story.
It’s the kind of day where no matter what you’ve accomplished in the past it’s just not enough.
The type of day where you feel you could paint yourself blue, set your hair on fire and run down main street and no one would blink an eye.
Tomorrow will be better, I’ll just keep telling myself that
For now I’ll eat some chocolate, drink some wine and hop into the shower…crap I just remembered I have to clean the tub first.
And so it goes.


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