National Sandwich Day

It’s National Sandwich Day and like many human beings on the face of this planet, I love a sandwich.
It doesn’t even have to be a good sandwich just some stuff stuck between two slices of bread or in some cases waffles or pancakes. (Yes, I’ve made pancake sandwiches. You’ve not lived until you’ve had ham and cheese on pancakes)
I love humble sandwiches like PBJs or elaborate panini comprised of delicious foreign sounding meats and those condiments that no one buys from the local Italian Deli, you know the ones with the duty jar lids. I am an open-minded sandwich lover and I consider hamburgers and wraps to be sandwiches. I know there are some snobs out there who wouldn’t THINK of a wrap as a sandwich but I beg you not to be a sandwich bigot!
I love the “name” sandwiches like The Ruben, The Monte Cristo, The Patty Melt and some combinations I just made myself like roast beef and swiss on rye or tuna salad with swiss on rye (sensing a theme?) OR the “Big Mess” as I like to call it; Turkey, swiss, coleslaw on rye bread with Russian Dressing. I’m not a huge fan of TOASTING my bread however spread some butter on that and grill it and I’m your’s forever!
However THE best sandwich in the world, one that can not compare to ANY OTHER sandwich anywhere in the world is the one I don’t have to make myself!


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