I really shouldn’t be left alone with a cell phone

My eldest daughter works at a daycare/early childhood education center and, rightly so, they’re not allowed to use their phones during work. I applaud this and endorse it and I pretty much know my daughter wouldn’t break that rule so I was surprised when she phoned me during her work hours yesterday. I picked up the phone and it sounded like the typical “butt dial” but me, being the mother I am, shouted into the phone, “HELLO?! HEEEELLLOOO?!” about 10 times before I hung up. I was fine until it happened not three minutes later. I could hear her voice again as well as the voices of her charges and they all sounded upset so once again, “HELLO! HELLOOOO!! Is everything alright?!?!”  I shouted into the phone my heart beating rapidly. I hung up and tried to dial her but no answer. I contacted the director of her school, no answer. The phone rang again this time and I SWORE I heard MY child crying and by this time in  my overactive imagination terrorists had overrun the school and were holding the children and staff hostage and my daughter was desperately trying to contact me for help. I was starting to feel woozy and thisclose to dialing 911 when the phone RANG AGAIN, I snatched it up, “HELLO!”  “Mom! We’re not supposed to use our phones during work! WHY are you calling me?!”

I could just imagine the laugh the local P.D. would have had over that one. “Hey, remember that mom who locked her kid in the car by accident because she was afraid of car jackers?! Well, you’re not going to believe what she did this time.”



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